Iran Mineral Processing and Production Company, as the largest and most extensive specialized company in the field of exploration, equipping and exploitation of mines and creating mineral industries, has developed its policy in line with the goals and policies of Iran Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization Declares as follows:

– Improve the processes of the company based on information technology and provide the required software and hardware infrastructure

– Sustainable development and compliance with environmental issues within the framework of the laws and regulations of the country

– Satisfaction of the beneficiary parties, including upstream organizations, employees and customers through improving the quality of accuracy and speed in the implementation of all activities.

– Developing and improving the status of mineral exploration, implementing mining and mining projects by effectively and efficiently monitoring the performance of covered collections

– Applying new methods of extraction and new technologies for extraction of rare and minerals

– Complete the production chain with the goal of creating value added

– Emphasizing the merit-oriented, improving the level of knowledge and skills of employees and creating areas for promoting the company’s position through the development of human capital

Our guide to deploying a quality management system is ISO 9001: 2008.

I and all competent and competent employees of the company have committed themselves to implementing, maintaining and maintaining a quality management system in this framework, and in order to create a learning, value-creating, transcendent, and inspiring organization in the field of mining and mineral industries We will use our best efforts.

Paypal … Parsley

Managing Director