introduction of a company

Iran Mineral Processing and Processing Company is one of the main subsidiaries of Iran Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO). The company is one hundred percent state-owned and affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce.

The company possesses a wide body of management and expertise, policy-making and guidance of the country’s non-metallic mines.

Iran’s mining and processing company in the field of the production of metallurgical coke, coal, gold, ferrochrome, nephlinsinite, phosphate, lime, potash, titanium and lead and zinc plays a significant role in national production.

One of Impasco’s missions is helping to increase the production of minerals in the country to 500 million tons per year, which is equivalent to one percent of Iran’s mineral deposits. This is while harvesting from mines is about 370 million tons per year.

The realization of this program will increase the mine’s position in GDP from the current 1% by 5%. In addition to the above programs, the company is also responsible for the utilization of rare earth elements.

The strategic objectives of the company in the field of exploration, extraction, processing and development of mineral projects and mineral industries are as follows:

• Developing strategies and monitoring the implementation of exploration, mining and processing activities in order to provide an efficient and effective field of operation.

• Planning, development, technology and scientific support of exploration, mining and processing units to increase the productivity and development of new units.

• Support the development of the export of mineral products and engineering services.

• Guiding and supporting the development of public contracting companies, creating a competitive environment in global markets.

• Providing facilities, supporting and providing guidance for domestic and foreign investors and expanding privatization.

• Expansion of research and research activities.

• Development of entrepreneurship and growth of productivity of management and human resources.